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Ohjelmiston käyttöönotto Avaimet käteen -periaatteella ja suomenkielinen tukipalvelu 0€!
(norm. 175 €)

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Recruitee Expert

Europe’s Leading Talent Acquisition Platform

Modern Talent Acquisition Platform with applicant tracking system used by 3,000+ companies. Powerful Recruitment Software that makes hiring easy.

Includes a careers site editor for employer branding, a plugin for sourcing (personnel), job board integration, email and calendar synchronization.

149 €/kk

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Own your Talent Acquisition

Attract talent. Automate tasks. Predict success.

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Over 3,000 companies use Recruitee to acquire the best talents


The key to successful hiring is attracting the very best talent.

From the careers site editor to the sourcing extension, our powerful Attract Features help you get the best talent in your pipeline.


Nothing slows down a hiring process like tedious, repetitive tasks.

From applicant tracking to easy scheduling, our advanced Automate Features take care of manual tasks and let you focus on what matters most.


Embracing a data-driven approach is key to optimizing your process and making better decisions.

Recruitee’s state of the art Predict Features include industry-leading data reporting and prediction functions helping turn your data into a superpower!

How we are different

Best Value

We believe that good software must be scalable for companies of all sizes.

Customer support

We pride ourselves in offering the very best customer support, 24/7.

Ease of use

We are proud to be known as the most user-friendly software in the market.


We are excited to be spearheading innovation in the recruitment tech sphere.

What others say

We’re crazy and obsessed with our hiring process, and Recruitee caters exactly to what we need – optimize the shortest way to the best candidates.

David Darmanin, CEO of HotJar
Thanks to Recruitee, we were easily able to bring all elements of our recruitment together in one place.
Antonio Grigorov, Recruitment Manager at TBI Bank

Recruitee has really helped us streamline our process and especially to collaborate better with hiring managers. We are all more aligned and we can make better decisions, faster.

Annalisa Crivellari, HR Administrator @ Doctors Without Borders


Modern Talent Acquisition Platform with applicant tracking system used by 3000+ companies

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